August 2, 2015

August 2, 2015  Day 43  New York Summer 2015
Free City Dock, north of Lock 7
Oswego, NY

What a busy day!  We were up before six am to get an early start.  There was such an abundance of weeds on the anchor that it took over a half hour to pull the anchor and get it cleaned and free of debris. So, we finally got underway shortly after 0700.

We entered the St. Lawrence River and had a good cruise in calm water and with little boat traffic – surprising for a Sunday.  Maybe no one else was up that early?  We passed Cape Vincent and entered Lake Ontario at 0930. The wave forecast on NOAA was for one to two feet, but of course we had two to three feet on the bow the whole time. It could have been worse, but it does make us not trust the forecast!  Actually, this was the best travel day as wave heights of at least four feet are out there for the next few days. 
Windmills everywhere on Wolf Island - we were glad
to see they were all turning!
We arrived in Oswego and stopped at the Oswego Marina for water and to empty the holding tank.  Then we entered Lock 8 with one other boat and locked up this time. We exited the lock and tied up on the free wall where we were last week!  The difference was that we were the only boat here when we arrived. Last week it was packed because of Harborfest. (Two more boats did eventually arrive by 6pm.)

Having left Clayton means we are now on our return trip south and are retracing our route. We entered the Oswego Canal today and will be in the Erie Canal in a few days.  We are watching the weather tomorrow with storms and wind forecast and we do not like being in the locks in wind.  So we will make a decision in the morning regarding staying here another day.

We have our antennas lowered again, so no TV for us. But, we are content to read and relax after our long day.  We had leftovers for dinner which was a godsend. We did not want to get off the boat and we were too tired to fix a huge meal.