August 26, 2015

August 26, 2015  Day 67 New York Summer 2015
Golden Nugget Marina
Atlantic City, NJ

We departed our anchorage at Sandy Hook just after seven o’clock and headed into the Atlantic Ocean for 92 miles to Atlantic City. Waiting a few days paid off and we welcomed the fairly calm seas with just 1-2 footers!  We bumped up our speed to shorten the day and made the trip in 9 1/2 hours.  We used some of our time underway to make contacts for more reservations, rental car, etc.

Most of the boat traffic was local fishermen either heading out to deeper water or casting their lines near our path.  We saw very few cruising boats. We were entertained by a group of dolphins though!

A large group of dolphins had fun diving near us!
We arrived at the Golden Nugget Marina at 4:30. Shortly after we arrived we saw other boats from Williamsburg. They were traveling together to New York from their club at Kingsmill. We spent a quiet evening and had dinner on board.

Tomorrow we will go back off shore and travel to Cape May, a shorter distance of 42 miles!

Approaching Atlantic City