August 5, 2015

August 5, 2015  Day 46  New York Summer 2015
Free City Dock
Phoenix, NY

We stayed in Phoenix as planned although we did move the boat up a little farther to be able to reach a 30 amp outlet.  We only had 15 amps at the first spot and we are used to having 50 amps!  One of the River House Brats helped us with our lines.

Joyce took advantage of having access to a Laundromat next to our dock. Although she normally does laundry on board, she was able to get everything done in two hours, including bedspreads.

Bill walked down to the bakery this afternoon to pick up the small lemon raspberry cake he ordered yesterday.  We enjoyed it for dessert this evening.

Most of the boats who were here last night left today, but we were glad to remain tied to the dock because of the wind.  Tomorrow looks very promising and we will leave early in the morning. Destination: Sylvan Beach.