September 8, 2015

September 8, 2015  Day 80 New York Summer 2015
Georgetown Yacht Basin
Georgetown, Maryland

A lovely view as the sun set on the mooring field
behind our dock at Georgetown
It is finally time to catch up on the blog, although our days here have been fairly uneventful. We have used the time to get some work done including cleaning and polishing the stainless steel railings on the deck; changing the oil in the generator; doing laundry; baking; and polishing the wood surfaces in the interior. We have also taken time to schedule marinas, hotels, and a rental car that we will need next week.

We rented the van from the marina one day and provisioned the boat.  That was an important task!  We have cooked onboard each day although there are two very nice restaurants here.  The weather has been very hot in the low 90’s, and we have not felt like venturing far.

We will leave in the morning and head to Annapolis!