November 24, 2015

November 24, 2015  Days 1-2 South for the Winter 2015-16
Top Rack Marina
Chesapeake, VA

It has been such a long time since we have updated our blog.  What we thought would be three weeks for repairs to our broken bowsprit turned out to be eight weeks! 

We are so grateful to Bill’s brother for opening his home to us and for lending us a car for those eight weeks! During that time, we also went on a fun cruise to Bermuda, visited family and friends locally, completed all Dr. appointments, shopped, attended a fabulous performance of Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas“, and ate way too much food!

Yesterday, we picked up our boat (which looks wonderful now) and had her launched back in the water.  We were ready to drive off the lift and the port engine would not start.  We had the boatyard contact an electrician and six hours later, the problem was still not solved. By now it was getting dark, so they jumpstarted the engine and we were able to pull around and tie up to their outside wall to spend the night.

The electrician returned this morning and determined we need a new safety cut off switch. He wired it so we can still start the engine. Bill will order the switch and install it himself.  At any rate, we were able to leave shortly before ten this morning.

We traveled just under two hours to Top Rack Marina, located on the Elizabeth River in Chesapeake, VA.  We can’t pass up their diesel price ($1.92/gallon)!  We decided to spend the night here since we would not get to our next destination until after dark.  We finished unpacking and relaxed for the afternoon.  We had a delicious dinner at the Amber Lantern, a restaurant adjacent to the marina.
Getting ready to launch!

We will be on our way to North Carolina tomorrow morning.