December 13, 2015

December 13, 2015  Day 21  South for the Winter 2015-16
Palm Cove Marina
Jacksonville, FL

Always sad to see a boat that has sunk
Boat coming to the rescue of one with engine fire

Another good travel day of 4 ½ hours got us to Palm Cove Marina in Jacksonville.  We saw lots of small boats out today, probably because it was a warm Sunday afternoon. Even at the marina, small boats were constantly going in and out of their slips or being hauled in and out by the boat lift.  We did witness a small boat that had an engine fire. Before we could reach him, two other small boats arrived and they got everything under control.  Never a dull moment!

After we got secured to the dock, we decided to stay on the boat. We needed some down time!  Joyce also did a few loads of laundry and fixed a light dinner.  We spent the evening reading!

Tomorrow we will rent a car and run errands.  We will stay here at least three nights – we are still trying to plan the best schedule.  At any rate it is good to be in Florida. We actually had to run the air conditioning this evening!