April 25, 2016

April 22-25, 2016  Days 18-21  Spring 2016
Port Royal Landing Marina
Port Royal, SC

Our one or two day intended stay at Port Royal turned into five days!  We decided to have another mechanic look at our starboard engine.  This was done on Friday and we needed to have one more fuel injector replaced.  Of course it had to be ordered and that spanned th
Dinner with Bill & Darlene at Plum's
e weekend.  So, we took the courtesy car this morning and drove to a Caterpillar supply company and picked it up. We also picked up fuel and air filters at Caterpillar.  Our mechanic met us afterwards and installed everything promptly. The engine ran smoothly and there was no smoke in the exhaust. 
The Dragon Boat team!

In the meantime, we had a wonderful visit with Darlene and Bill, old friends from our Ohio neighborhood and church who now live in nearby Bluffton. They came to our boat Sunday afternoon for a nice visit. Then we drove to Beaufort for a nice seafood dinner at the popular Plum’s restaurant.

Joyce also took time to finish all provisioning and got a haircut on the weekend. We have greatly appreciated having access to a courtesy car!

We decided to go out for dinner again this evening – this was just a walk to the end of our dock. The Back Porch Grille sits on the marina’s property. We had a nice leisurely meal on their deck, enjoying the view.  On the way back to the boat we saw a Dragon Boat with a crew of 20 people leave our dock. The crew is made of primarily of cancer survivors who row three times a week. They compete with other dragon boats throughout the state! How impressive!

The boat is clean, another injector and filters have been replaced, and we are ready to depart in the morning.  We will head back to an anchorage at Church’s Creek, south of Charleston that we have used several times.