June 28, 2012

June 27, 2012  Day 47                                 Total miles to date:  958.61

Waiting in the subway
Montreal was under clouds with a light drizzle/rain most of the day.  We decided, after walking around the streets in the Old Port area which is near us, that we would head down to the underground shops which are downtown.  We took the subway to get there and we only needed two trains to accomplish that! Joyce had expected the shops to be fun little boutiques, but they were mostly stores we have in the US.  Part of the shops connected to a large multi-story mall, where we eventually decided to have lunch. We left there and walked around the downtown area some more and then decided to walk back to the marina. Montreal is a large, bustling city that has a blend of historical churches, statues, and parks and its towering office buildings. They do celebrate their heritage here.  The waterfront has two marinas, a science museum, art galleries, an IMAX theatre, restaurants, shops, a tall clock tower that overlooks the harbor and a small beach area.  Circque de Soleil also performs here.

Bonsecours Market
Palais de Justice
A tribute to Queen Victoria
sits in Victoria Square

Tom and Linda (Raydiance) arrived this afternoon.  By dinner time the sun had come out and we had a very nice dinner with them at Le Senateur, a restaurant on Saint-Paul Street, the oldest street in Montreal in the Old Port area. We then took a walk through this area after dark and enjoyed the beautiful lights in the Old Port area. We walked to Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal and will see it tomorrow on a guided tour of the city. We walked back to the Clock Tower and looked at the sand sculptures that were created during a competition. The Clock Tower sits right above our marina and it was fun to look down at our two boats under it. 
Notre-Dame Basilica
Statue in the Place d'Armes
Since we have not had wi-fi consistently, we still have more photos to post for blog entries since we arrived in Canada. We will work on those!
Tim Horton Donuts is a Canadian enterprise.
There are a few in the US and we enjoyed
 one in Dublin, Ohio when we lived there.
One of the sand sculptures
The Clock Tower at night