June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012  Day 24                                   Total miles to date:  511.67

We spent a fun today sightseeing with Quest and Moor $tuff.  We shared a minivan rented from Enterprise and headed north up the Hudson River Valley. We stopped first at West Point Military Academy and took a guided tour.  It is an impressive sight with its architecture and the hills that surround it.  We were especially impressed with the chapel.  After the tour we stopped in the West Point Museum which is the largest and oldest military museum in the nation.
West Point Chapel
We continued up to Hyde Park  and tried to tour Franklin Roosevelt’s home. We just missed the tour so we settled for a movie at the Visitors Center, and then we walked around the grounds of the home and gardens. 

Beautiful view of the Hudson River
from West Point!

Entrance to the CIA

From there we went to the Culinary Institute of America (the other CIA). What an amazing place. We did not have reservations for lunch but were able to have a delicious meal at the Apple Pie Bakery Café.  There are four other restaurants that are more formal in setting. We then took a guided tour of the college and thanks to our delightful tour guide, a second year student, we had a fantastic time.  We are in awe of the program offered at the Culinary Institute!  Tuition is at $34,000 a year!  
We stopped for groceries on the way back to our marina, then starting getting things ready for our boat trip tomorrow to Kingston, New York – a 57 mile trip.