June 6, 2012

June 5, 2012  Day 25                                         Total miles to date:  606.27

We departed Half Moon Bay Marina at 8:30am with Quest. Jim and Belinda, on Rickshaw, anchored nearby, also joined us. Moor $tuff stayed behind to venture into New York City again today!  We left under a mix of sun and clouds but we did have some rain showers during our 6 ½ hour ride to Kingston. We had the current with us so we made good time!  It was exciting to go by West Point by boat since we had just visited there yesterday. The view from the water does not disappoint! The Hudson River Valley is so scenic with hills and trees that line the shore.  We also passed the Esopus Light House built in 1872.  We will see more of these on this river.
We arrived in Kingston at 3:00 at the City Marina and were greeted by many ducks that call this water home.  We had dinner onboard our own boats and then enjoyed dessert onboard Rickshaw!  Thanks Jim and Belinda for the delicious pie!  All three boats will depart on Wednesday for Waterford, NY.
Trains follow the Hudson River closely
Crossing under Bear Mountain Bridge
West Point view from the Hudson River
Beat Navy is on the other side!
We passed the Mystic Whaler

Esopus Lighthouse