July 13, 2012

July 11, 2012  Day 61                                  Total miles to date  1161.4

We left the Rideau Ferry Marina at 9:00 and headed back out on the Rideau Lake.  The lake was wide and deep and was a stark contrast to the narrow canal – which we also experienced today.  We went through three locks: Narrows Lock, Newboro Lock, and Chaffeys Lock.  We had been locking up until today but when we arrived at the Newboro Lock we started locking down and will continue until we reach Kingston.
Little cabin in the woods
 We decided to stay on the lock wall at Chaffeys after we locked through there.  It filled up with other boaters spending the night shortly after we arrived and we were glad we stopped when we did. Our stays at the lock walls are covered by the seasonal mooring pass (in addition to the season locking pass) that we purchased before we left on the Loop.  We are traveling at our own pace and sometimes that just means shorter days.

We took a short walk toward a resort area on the lake. We had hoped to tour the Lock Museum but it was not open on Wednesdays.  Sarah and Brooks on Our Time stopped five miles behind us at the Newboro Lock. We will try to find space on the same lock wall tomorrow night.

We grilled shishkebob and had fresh fruit salad for dinner.  Bill plotted the course for tomorrow and we called it an early evening.