July 3, 2012

July 2, 2012  Day 52                                    Total miles to date  1054.2

We were first in line at the Carillon Lock this morning entering at 8:45 through the massive guillotine style door. Our Time and one other boat followed us in. The Carillon Lock raises boats 65 feet on a floating dock. It only took us 30 minutes to get to the top-an interesting ride! 
The Carillon Lock opened its
guillotine door for us!

Inside the Carillon Lock with Our Time
When we left the lock we were back in the Ottawa River which was in Quebec when we started but eventually bordered Ontario to the south and Quebec to the north.  There were not as many boaters out today as we saw on Sunday, but certainly enough to keep our attention! At one point Bill noticed on AIS a hydrofoil coming toward us at 41 kts – we assumed it was with the Coast Guard.
Hydrofoil passed us on the Ottawa River
Our Time left us around 1pm to anchor out and we continued on until almost 4pm and anchored across from the town of Rockland. We wanted a shorter day on Tuesday to reach a marina early. 
Once again we cooked out on the grill for dinner.  We are still enjoying the fresh vegetables we bought at the farmers market – this time it was the snap peas!
The setting sun reflecting on the river
at our anchorage
Linda and Rom on Raydiance called to say they made it to the top of the 8 flights of locks at Ottawa and are staying on the lock wall there a couple of days. We will catch up with them Wednesday morning. 

We will leave our anchorage Tuesday morning and head to a marina near Ottawa.  There are not as many marinas in the Ottawa River and some of them can only accommodate smaller boats, so we were glad to find this one.