July 25, 2012

July 22, 2012  Day 72         Peterborough               Total miles to date:  1350.5

Lift Lock - boat ready to enter on left to be
raised up - pan on right at top will be lowered.
We watched this the day before we took our turn!
Wow – we went all of a mile today from the marina to the Lock 20 wall!  Outbound followed us over to tie up also.  We wanted to be able to go through the lock early when it opens Monday morning. But the main reason was to have the chance to walk the half mile to the Peterborough Lift Lock and observe it in action. It is quite the engineering marvel.  We watched a boat enter from the lower side to be raised the 65 feet (which we will do) and then we watched a boat enter from the upper side (after we climbed the 60 steps to the top!) to be lowered. 
The Lift Lock includes a Visitors Center which is very well done, including a video of the history of the Trent Severn and several displays. We saw our friends names (Odyssey) in the guest register – they were here two days before us!

We walked back to the boat and had lunch, read, and had a relaxing afternoon watching boats go by.  We cooked dinner on the grill.  The couple from Ottawa that we met recently invited us on their boat after dinner and we had a nice visit.  We thought we were going to have some rain, but the storm that was only 15 miles away missed us. It is very dry here and they really do need the rain.

We will go through six or seven locks tomorrow including the Peterborough Lift Lock. Our destination is Youngs Point and we will stay on a lock wall.