July 25, 2012

July 23, 2012  Day 73     Peterborough to Douro      Total miles to date:  1357.5
What an interesting day we had!  We were in the second group to leave our lock wall today which meant we were an hour later than planned. But we arrived at the Peterborough Lift Lock next with three other boats and had a quick (10 minute) ride to the top. We were able to take lots of pictures as we went up since we didn’t have to monitor our lines.  It was a fun ride up and provided us with a beautiful view from the top!  (Lisa on Outbound took our pictures also!)
We are behind Outbound in the chamber
ready to go up!

View from the top!
Carried Away in position going up
Carried Away leaving the lift lock
at the top
From there we went through three difficult locks and because of some wind, placement in the locks, and fatigue from the heat, we decided to stay at the top of Douro Lock#24 for the rest of the day. The lockmaster said the next lock would have even more wind, and there were also storms forecast.  We hope to stop at Young’s Point tomorrow since we did not get that far today. We always have the understanding that if one of us wants to stop then we do.  Flexibility is key and we are in no hurry. By 6:30 the storm arrived with golf ball sized hail, and desperately needed rain for this area.  When the storm cleared we cooked out on the grill and had another quiet evening on the lock wall.