August 14, 2012

August 13, 2012  Day 94     Beaver Island         Total miles to date:  1732.5

We chose to leave our anchorage at Baie Fine just before 10:00 and were out into the North Channel by 11:10 (it would be easy to stay at Baie Fine longer!). We saw One September and Jim’s Joy departing also.  Sea Hunt IV decided to stay another day and let the boys fish. We also saw Karma and Boreas arriving together in Baie Fine – it is the place to be!
We arrived at our destination to anchor between Strawberry Island and Beaver Island at 12:55.  Strawberry Island is a nature conservancy with no development and Beaver Island is quite small with only one home on it. So this was another quiet spot!  Later in the afternoon we were joined by a sailboat who also anchored here.

We have seen very little wildlife here between the two islands –just a few birds and ducks. We spent a quiet day on the boat relaxing and planning our trip.

We will go to Little Current tomorrow to the Town Dock Marina. We will do major grocery shopping since there are two grocery stores in Little Current. Our plan is only to be there one day and then continue to anchor out.