August 14, 2012

August 12, 2012  Day 93        Baie Fine           Total miles to date:  1710.8
“If you never did, you should. These things are fun and fun is good.”  Dr. Seuss

We were finally able to leave Killarney today at 9:30, after waiting for other boats to leave that were blocking us.  No rain or wind, just partly cloudy as we departed. We enjoyed the Georgian Bay with is 30,000 islands and are now experiencing the adventures of the North Channel.
Loaded with fish - chased by birds!
Once we got into Killarney Bay, we passed the fishing boat owned by Herbert’s Fisheries as it headed back to the restaurant.  There was no doubt what it had on board – the sea gulls and other birds had practically engulfed it wanting to get a share in the morning catch.
Covered POrtage Cove
We made a side trip today to see Covered Portage Cove. We would have anchored there but we want to go farther since it was only 10:30.  It truly is beautiful and the granite hills made a perfect backdrop for it.  We saw Crawdad anchored there along with others and are sure more boats arrived later as it is a favorite anchorage.
We entered Frazer Bay by noon and then Baie Fine by 12:45. It is a jewel! Baie Fine stretches for 10 miles and is compared to the fjords, with high hills framing the sides of the water. At the end of a two mile narrow section, Baie Fine ends in a Pool which is a large basin and is on the must see list.  First we passed a few boats anchored med mooring style in Mary Ann Cove. Next we saw Sea Hunt IV anchored in a cove by themselves.  Andre, Luc, and Pierre were out in the dinghy, spotted us going by, and raced over to say hello. We then continued on to choose a beautiful anchorage with a perfect view.
Entering Baie Fine
Breathtaking Baie Fine
Our hiking trail!
View of Three Narrows Lake
from our hike to the top
Around 3:15 we took our dinghy to The Pool (passing One September and Jim’s Joy in their anchorage on our way) and decided to hike up to Lake Topaz, which is accessed by a rough, rocky uphill climb.  We eventually made it to the top to view the lake, took pictures, then went even farther following this same trail. When we had climbed back down much of the way, we saw two wooden signs on a tree - one pointing to Lake Topaz to the left, and one pointing to Three Narrows Lake, from where we had just come. So no, we did not see Lake Topaz but we did see a lake that was a much longer hike! (Where was that sign earlier??) We finally got back to the dinghy and since we not wearing watches, we only knew we had been out a very long time. When we got back to the boat we weren’t surprised to see that it was 6:30.  We had a few sore muscles but glad for the experience. We had hoped to see some wildlife today. All we spotted on our hike were chipmunks and a woodpecker. We certainly didn’t want to see a black bear on our hike but we do keep watch for them from the boat!  One constant sound is that of the loons – their cry is so distinct it is forever etched in our memory. We were too tired to do much of anything the rest of the evening but have a light dinner and enjoy the view that Baie Fine offers!

Carried Away at anchor
in Baie Fine
Tomorrow we will leave for another anchorage between Beaver Island and Strawberry Island.  We want to anchor out as much as possible while we are in the North Channel.