August 11, 2012

August 11, 2012  Day 92        Killarney                   Total miles to date:  1684.1

Otter fun!
Did we say flexible is the key word around here?!  We had good intentions of leaving this morning but it was still not “great” out and no one else was leaving, so here we are – our 4th night in Killarney. We did use the day to get more work done – and more visiting!  Bill fixed the water line to the small refrigerator on the sundeck. Joyce did lots of vacuuming and more laundry.  We went over to Sea Hunt IV and visited with the family of four on the loop. Great people!
In the afternoon we were briefly entertained by three otters on the dock until they decided to jump in the water to join otter # 4 who had a fish in his mouth! At least we able to get the cameras out in time.

We walked over to the Killarney Lodge to listen to a local singer who performs six nights a week. The room was packed and we enjoyed the evening.
We will definitely leave here tomorrow morning and anchor out for two nights. Tuesday we will be in Little Current at the Town Dock Marina.

Tomorrow, August 12 marks exactly 3 months since we left Yorktown.  It is still hard to believe how far we have come, how much we have learned, and the wonderful friendships we have made. We continue to enjoy each day!