August 10, 2012

August 10, 2012  Day 91        Killarney            Total miles to date:  1684.1

Friday was a “weather day” as predicted. The winds began early but the rain held off until 3:30 and then it was non-stop. Many boaters were doing “projects” – cleaning, maintenance, etc.  Bill changed latches on some of the cupboard doors in the flybridge and added a trip line to the anchor.  Joyce polished much of the interior teak; did laundry; and did some baking.  She also walked to the post office.  Before the rain started many people were just out on the docks visiting.
We talked with a few other Loopers. We are not sure what anyone will do tomorrow, but if the weather isn’t too bad, we will leave the marina and head to the North Channel. Killarney is the crossroads between the Georgian Bay and North Channel.  There are a few anchorages we want to try before going to a marina in Little Current in mid-week.  Little Current will be our last chance to provision before we get back to the United States in about ten days.

Joyce made a pot of chili and we had dinner on board tonight. The cool rainy day was a good time for that!