August 9, 2012

August 9, 2012  Day 90        Killarney             Total miles to date:  1684.1

Coming back to our marina
 on the dinghy (we call our dinghy
"A Little Carried Away"!)
Change of plans!  Weather coming in tomorrow with wind gusts 25-30 mph so we do not want to be anchored somewhere near any rocks.  We are all staying put until Saturday.  We took the dingy out after lunch and were delighted to find Lisa and Ron just arriving on Outbound. We had not seen them since we were in Orillia.  We made plans to go to dinner with them tonight.  Then when we got back to our dock another Looper boat, Sea Hunt IV arrived. They are the DuBois family from Canada and have their two sons, 8 and 11 on board. They are home schooling them. They have a five year travel plan – one for the Loop, one for eastern Canada back down the US, to the Bahamas the Caribbean, the Panama Canal to the west coast to Alaska. Now that is an adventure!  We spent quite a while talking to them. They are a great family.  One of the best parts of the Loop is meeting so many wonderful people. On our dinghy ride we saw another Looper boat, Copecetic, a Catamaran from Chesapeake City, Maryland, but we did not get to meet them yet.
Our plans for doing boat chores did not fully materialize and the list will continue into tomorrow.  But, we had a fun time visiting with everyone. The marina is getting full because so many boats have come in to prepare for the storm that is scheduled to hit tomorrow.

We did go to Herbert’s Fisheries with Lisa and Ron and had a good fish & chips dinner again tonight.  During a dinner conversation, we realized that they know Joyce’s sister and brother-in-law in Atlanta. Such a small world! Lisa and Ron came back to our boat for a nice visit.  We are already discussing seeing them in Florida this winter and perhaps traveling again with them next year.
We tied extra lines on our boat as we brace for the winds tomorrow!