August 8, 2012

August 8, 2012  Day 89       Killarney                Total miles to date:  1680.1

Leaving our anchorage in Collins Inlet
The Sportsman's Inn at the marina
We arrived at the Sportsman’s Inn and Marina in Killarney  before lunchtime and got in line at the fuel dock. It was a very busy place. After we got fuel and a pump out we went to our slip.  Jim’s Joy, Karma, and One September are also here. 
After we got settled we walked to the post office to get the mail we had delivered here.  Then we came back and had lunch and caught up on email, the blog, banking, etc…

Gloria and Jim, Gold Loopers on Crawdad, stopped by for a visit. They are at a nearby marina.  We followed them to Killarney today when we left our anchorage together.

Herbert Fisheries (served from an old
red school bus)
Milk and bread
from the local store
Later this afternoon we walked back down the main road to have an early dinner at Herbert’s Fisheries, where everyone eats fish and chips on picnic tables.  Their two fishing boats bring in the fish daily and it is a very popular place any time of day!  We also bought fresh whitefish to bring back to our freezer. They vacuum packed it while we waited as it was just prepared! Then we stopped at the local “general store/grocery store” for a few items. Next stop was for ice cream – still getting Kawartha ice cream here!
Carried Away at the marina
We also spotted Boreas here at the marina – we have not seen them in two weeks!

Bill plotted our route for Thursday – we will head to Baie Fine (pronounced Bay Fin) which is as close as we will come to a fjord like setting.  We will not have wifi again until we reach Little Current in a few days – most likely Monday.  We will update our adventures then! 

I am posting this a little early this evening but we have had a busy day.