August 8, 2012

August 7, 2012  Day 88    Collins Inlet            Total miles to date:  1672.1

We woke early under a very cloudy sky. When the light showers began we decided to wait for the sun to come out before leaving our anchor. We only needed to travel a couple of hours today.  Bill used the time to check on anchorages in the North Channel and Joyce got some cleaning done.
Stunning scenery in Collins Inlet
We left at 12:30 and then it started to rain again!  Fortunately it did not last long and we were soon entering the beautiful Collins Inlet, bordered by hills of trees and granite. 

One of many beaver dams
Crawdad at acnhor near us
We anchored at 2:30 near Gloria and Jim on their Grand Banks, Crawdad. They are Gold Loopers and are returning to their home in Michigan. We met them in Britt a few days ago.  They brought their dinghy over to our boat and joined us for appetizers. We had a great visit and enjoyed hearing about their boating experiences.

Tomorrow will be a short trip into Killarney where we will stay at a marina and also pick up mail that we had delivered.  We also need to add fuel!

Another sunset to remember
Killarney will mark the end of the Georgian Bay and then we will enter the North Channel!  We plan to be in the North Channel until August 20 when we will enter Drummond Island, Michigan and go through customs. It is hard to believe we are about to complete the last phase of our adventure through Canada.