August 20, 2012

August 18, 2012  Day 99     Moiles Harbor       Total miles to date:  1782.9

We left our anchorage at Hotham Island under a bright sun and very cool temperatures this morning.  Many of the sailboats started leaving before 7:30 while we were still having coffee.  We only needed to travel 15 miles so we were not in a hurry.  We soon entered McBean Bay and only experienced a 15 knot wind with 2 ft. waves on the bow, which we were pleased to see.
Little Detroit Passage
Bald Eagle on the rocks
By 10:20, we entered the Little Detroit Passage and gave the necessary securite’ call before we reached the entrance.  As soon as we passed this point, we spotted a bald eagle resting on the high rocks along the shore.  He was kind of enough to pose for us!

Next we entered Whalesback Channel and followed it to the cutoff for John Island.  We proceeded to Moiles Harbor and set our anchor at 11:45. We were the only ones here in this protected cove, although there are an abundance of anchorages to tuck into.  We did not see many boats out today.
Who needs a chart plotter?

We had lunch then did more boat chores. Bill changed the oil in the generator and in both engines while Joyce cleaned much of the interior. 

Our sunny sky turned to clouds then rain showers by late afternoon, but we did manage to take a ride in the dinghy after the showers stopped. There are lots of wooden structures that are partially submerged on the other side of the island.
We learned there was a sawmill here at onetime!

We cooked out on the grill and had a late dinner in our peaceful setting at anchor.