August 20, 2012

August 19, 2012  Day 100     Turnbull Island    Total miles to date:  1798.9

This was our 100th day on the Loop and we thought it was interesting to look back at our docking choices each night.  We spent half of the time (exactly 50 nights) at a marina; 24 nights at anchor; 21 nights on a lock wall; and 5 nights on a town wall. 
We arrived at our anchorage off Turnbull Island by mid-morning and found several sailboats there already. More boats arrived after we did, so we were glad to have found space here.  It was a pretty anchorage and well protected. We appreciated the sunny sky and fairly calm sea today!

This 100th day also marked our last night in Canada. Tomorrow we will travel over 50 miles into the open water of the North Channel and enter customs at Drummond Island, Michigan. Leaving Canada was very bittersweet. The Chambly Canal, the Rideau Canal, the Trent Severn Waterway, the Georgian Bay, and the North Channel will forever be in our memories. We were in awe of the canals, lakes, inlets and rivers with their granite rocks, cottages on the shore, and thousands of little islands. We loved the undeniable cry of the loons, the charm of the small towns, the grandeur of Montreal and Ottawa, the new food we tried (Poutine, peameal bacon, and pickerel), and certainly the friendliness of the Canadian people. We found serene anchorages, busy marinas, and lock walls filled with house boats. We traveled with new friends, or at times it was just the two of us. We found both quiet waters on our bow and high waves on our beam. We rode two exciting lift locks and the Big Chute Marine Railway. It could not have been better.

At the same time we know it is time to return to our homeland and start down Lake Michigan and then the inland rivers before heading to the Gulf Coast.