August 3, 2012

August 3, 2012  Day 84   St. Amant's Marina, Britt   Total miles to date:  1614.5

Once again we began our day early and left our anchorage at Hopewell Bay at 7:30 with Our Time. 

Point au Baril Lighthouse
As we were leaving our anchorage at Hopewell Bay, we saw the boat in distress yesterday as it was being towed.  We both decided to go out about 2 miles into Georgian Bay to avoid the rocks, so most of our 5 hour ride was spent in deep water with less than two foot seas.  Before we went in to the bay, we passed the Point au Baril Lighthouse, a familiar landmark here.

Karma, Jim's Joy, Our Time,
Carried Away, One September
Dinner at the Britt Inn
We entered Byng Inlet and proceeded to St. Armant’s Marina in Britt. We were happy to see more Loopers. Jim’s Joy, Karma, and One September had pulled in just before us. We had met them all at the AGLCA rendezvous in May.  We all got together for docktails at 5pm and then went to dinner at the Britt Inn.  Another Looper couple on The Zone, who were docked at Wrights Marina nearby also joined us for dinner! We had a good time sharing stories of our experiences so far.  They will all head out tomorrow while we will stay another day with Our Time.  We need to catch up on boat projects!