August 5, 2012

August 4, 2012  Day 85   St. Amant's Marina, Britt  Total miles to date:  1614.5

Saturday was day two at St. Amant’s Marina in Britt. We had boat chores to do, including fixing the steering which means bleeding the system to get any air bubbles out. Bill also fixed the water level gauge – for the past few weeks we had to guess how long we could go before we needed to refill the water tank!
Karma, Jim's Joy, One September (l to r)
Carried Away & Our Time further to right

One September, Jim’s Joy, and Karma had planned to leave this morning, but decided to stay here longer because of the wind and weather forecast for the next couple of days.  In fact all five Looper boats are staying again tomorrow. We do not want to be out in the Georgian Bay with the forecast for seas of 2 to 3 meters!
We got together for docktails then a fabulous potluck this evening.  The picnic benches next to our dock make the perfect spot.  Our appetizers and dinner rivaled that of any gourmet restaurant: smoked salmon dip with onion bagel tops, pita with hummus, sesame cream cheese ball, fresh green salad with feta cheese, Thai chicken with a variety of sauces, Indian chicken with a light curry sauce, orzo, and chocolate ripple cake.

Just as we headed back to our boats, the thunder and lightning started and by midnight the rain and heavy winds were relentless.
In spite of the weather that began in the evening, it was a productive day and a fun day too!