September 22, 2012

September 22, 2012  Day 134   Grafton, IL       Total miles to date:  2758.5

Fun Name for
local Barber Shop
A day of rest was welcomed after our long trip yesterday.  We walked down Main Street in Grafton and stopped in one of the wineries and a few of the shops. Then we saw a sign for a Barber shop and Bill got his hair cut!  The lady barber knew all about the loop and she and her husband plan to do the loop in three years!
Left to right: Carried Away, Attitude Changer,
The Zone, and Catmandu
At 4:00 we got together with Loopers on The Zone, Attitude Changer, and Catmandu for a wine tasting.  The names of the wines were certainly interesting and we had fun tasting a variety of red and white wines from the Grafton Winery.  Afterwards we watched the local Pirate Ship come into the dock ready to go out again for a tour. The owner took a Gibson houseboat and built a frame around it to form the pirate ship.  Then we stopped at the Grafton Harbor Restaurant again this evening for salad.
Pirate ship neeeds fuel too!

We made reservations at Hoppies for Monday, so we will leave here early Monday morning with Laura and Ross on The Zone.  We also changed our reservations at Green Turtle Bay to arrive on Friday. 
Grafton is a small town but is very active! There are many bands playing in the restaurants this weekend and there are many people out on their boats.  We also saw people heading to the Zipline about ¼ mile up the hill.

Two of Joyce’s sisters, Carole and Sharon, are driving to Grafton tomorrow to spend the day with us. They had planned to go to Green Turtle Bay but we cannot get there early enough. We are happy they can at least make the visit tomorrow and look forward to seeing them!