September 23, 2012

September 23, 2012  Day 135   Grafton, IL       Total miles to date:  2758.5

Today was a fun day. Joyce’s sisters, Carole and Sharon, arrived about 10:30 and spent the day with us. We toured the boat first then after an early lunch on board Joyce took then down Main Street in Grafton.  They stopped and shopped at the flea market, a few antique stores and gift shops.
Carole, Joyce, and Sharon

When the ladies got back to the boat around 3:00, Bill was ready to take everyone for a boat ride (after we stopped at the fuel dock)! We ventured out into both the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers and enjoyed seeing several other boaters out on a Sunday afternoon. One of the Looper boats, Memsahib, was on its way in to the Harbor.  We haven't seen them since Ludington, Michigan!
After our boat ride we came back and had dinner onboard (gotta love the crock pot for making things easy!). We had a turkey dinner and enjoyed the Carole's yummy Pear pie that she brought with her.  They needed to leave shortly after dinner so we walked them back to their car and said good bye. We hope they can join us again soon.

We briefly chatted with some of the other Loopers before returning to our boat. We will leave tomorrow morning for Hoppies but unfortunately they all have to stay here longer. Two of the boaters are waiting for parts to be delivered! They will catch up with us in Green Turtle Bay in a few days.