September 28, 2012

September 28, 2012 Day 140    MM  923.5     Total miles to date:  3051.83

Following another pleasure craft
into Lock 52
Bill handling the stern line in the lock
Our hopes to reach Green Turtle Bay were dashed by a long wait at Lock 52 today.  We got off to such a good start. We pulled anchor at 7:40 a.m. after talking to the Lockmaster at Lock 53. They had lowered the wickets at the dam earlier in the morning so we were able to drive right over them and did not have to go through the lock. That was such a time saver!  However, when we reached Lock 52, about 24 miles farther, at 10:55, we were told to wait, but we were not told how long.  We waited with The Zone just “treading water” for an hour and then decided to anchor. Twenty minutes later we got the call to go into the lock. This is a dual chamber lock and we were in the smaller chamber with two pleasure crafts.  The lift is only 12 feet, but it was a slow process filling the lock and we did not exit until 1:15! 

Anchored behind The Zone
at Cumberland Island Towhead
We knew we could not get to Green Turtle Bay until after dark because we would still need to go 32 miles and through one more lock, and locks are unpredictable!  So, we decided to anchor at Cumberland Island Towhead, 1/2 mile from where the Ohio and the Cumberland Rivers meet.  There are no good anchorages past this point when we get on the Cumberland.   It is at least quiet here and protected from the tows and barges. 

We will travel to Green Turtle Bay tomorrow and stay there for almost two weeks.  A welcome retreat and a favorite stop for many Loopers.

Dinner on the grill tonight!