September 29, 2012

Sept. 29, 2012  Day 141     Green Turtle Bay         Total miles to date:  3084.33

Following The Zone passing a barge
on the narrow Cumberland River
We pulled anchor at 7:30 this morning and left the Cumberland Island Towhead. Within ½ mile we left the Ohio River and headed into the Cumberland River. The Cumberland is very narrow and winding and we were happy to see very few tows on it. We did see several blue herons, two bald eagles, and a turtle! 
One of many herons we saw today
Laura & Ross, The Zone
We had a fairly short day with about 32 miles to travel. We arrived at the Barkley Lock and waited a few minutes for it to open and then we locked through with The Zone as we were lifted up 57 feet.  We exited the lock and headed directly into Lake Barkley and into Green Turtle Bay.  We went to the fuel dock for a pump out and then went to our slip – it looks like Looper Row!  There are nine or ten Loopers here. We met some of them for the first time! At 4:30 we got together for docktails at a gazebo near the dock with The Zone, Loopy Kiwi, Seabatical, Gemini Dream, and Took the Plunge.  Phil from Loopy Kiwi, bought his guitar and provided great entertainment!   We went to a very nice dinner at the Commonwealth Yacht Club with Laura and Ross from The Zone.  Then they came back to our boat for an after dinner drink.  By 10:00 we all called it a night.  We had a good visit, but we are still tired from our travels on the river the past few days!

We are very happy to be here at Green Turtle Bay for 12 days!  There are many amenities here at the resort and in the nearby towns. Grand Rivers, KY is only a mile away, accessible by courtesy car, golf cart, or by foot!  We will check out everything soon as we prepare for the arrival of our two oldest grandchildren. Ashley, 10, and Nathan, 8, will arrive on Wednesday and spend a week with us!