September 30, 2012

Sept. 30, 2012     Day 142   Green Turtle Bay       Total miles to date:  3084.33

How nice to stay put today! We are so content to be here!  We spent the morning “getting organized” and part of the afternoon doing grocery shopping.  We did not get the boat cleaned, but tomorrow is another day.
Joe and Tara, Seabatical

Dinner at Patti's with
The Zone and Seabatical
At 4:30 we went with Laura and Ross on The Zone and Tara and Joe on Seabatical to Patti’s Settlement.  We wandered around the grounds checking out the water fountains, gardens, miniature golf, remote control boats, climbing wall, and maybe a gift shop or two while we were waiting for our dinner reservation at Patti’s.  We had heard about the good food and large portions and we heard right!  We came away thinking we should have walked back.  We had a fun evening sharing Looper stories and eating way too much food – pork chops and mile high pie!  Patti’s is a must stop in Grand Rivers!

As soon as we returned to Green Turtle Bay, we discovered three more Loopers had arrived: The Bubble, Water Music, and Great Laker.  We spent some time visiting with Debbie & Joel on Water Music and then Anne & Larry on Great Laker before returning to our boat.  It is so good to keep meeting new Loopers and it is so much fun when we discover we know the same people!