October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012  Day 143     Green Turtle Bay       Total miles to date:  3084.33

Rainy days and Mondays….we woke to the sound of rain (and I think we had lunch to the sound of rain.) This was a good day to work on indoor projects. Joyce did laundry, finalized the rental car arrangements, updated prescriptions, banking, and continued to get things ready for our grandchildren’s visit, etc…  Bill worked on the hold and treat system and also drove the dinghy over to the Boat Works building to have them repair the slow leak in the dinghy.

Once again we managed to have an evening centered around food! Twelve of us enjoyed a gourmet German meal at Sugar & Spice in Grand Rivers. The owner and chef, Marilyn, prepared several German dishes for Octoberfest! Seabatical, The Zone, Took the Plunge, Loopy Kiwi, Jet Stream and Carried Away had one fun and memorable evening! Thanks to Laura on The Zone for organizing it!

Hilary & Bert, Took the Plunge; Phil & Carolyn, Loopy Kiwi;
and Scott & KC, Jet Stream
Tara & Joe, Seabatical; Joyce & Bill, Carried Away;
and Laura & Ross, The Zone
Sugar & Spice was all decorated for fall