September 4, 2012

September 4, 2012  Day 116       Racine, WI           Total miles to date:  2344.8

We stayed in port today at the Reef Point Marina in Racine. We ran some important errands which enabled us to get Bill’s new glasses and then we did major grocery shopping. We also stopped at a map store and picked up a chart book for the Illinois River and a guide book for the inland rivers. We were so grateful to our Racine friends, Karen and Fred Kelroy for lending us their car all day. Chuck and Becky decided to spend their day walking around the downtown shops near the marina and then came back and enjoyed the pool!
Karen and Fred came to visit us on our boat this afternoon and then we went to dinner with them at the Chancery near the marina. It has been so good to see them again! 

Bill planned our route which begins with a stop at the fuel dock first thing in the morning. Then we will head south to Waukegan, IL.