September 5, 2012

September 5, 2012  Day 117   Waukegan, IL         Total miles to date:  2375.2

We thought we might need to stay in Racine again today due to storms. But, by mid-morning the rain had passed and we decided to go ahead with our original plans to go to Waukegan, IL. We stopped at the fuel dock and filled the center tank with 100 gallons and got a pump out before heading back into Lake Michigan.  Having extra time this morning gave us a chance to take care of some on-line banking, etc. and it gave Chuck and Becky time to get their train reservations made for Saturday when they leave Chicago.

Waukegan South Marina
We traveled under a sunny sky and 2 to 3 foot waves, just off the bow.  We only saw three boats while we were coming down the Wisconsin coast! Where is everyone? We arrived at the marina in Waukegan about 3:15 which involved two dockings. You must go to the fuel dock first and tie up; go in and pay and then get the slip assignment and move the boat again. The wind made that interesting but we managed to take care of everything.

We had dinner on board and started discussing what we want to do in Chicago. One priority is to take the 90 minute Architectural River Cruise – yes getting on another boat – but we will at least be the passengers and it will give us a chance to see and learn about the Chicago buildings.  It should be very interesting.

After dinner Bill met another boater on a Californian 45 and of course they had to see each other’s boats.

Thanks to Becky for taking the pictures for the blog tonight!