October 14, 2012

October 14, 2012  Day 156       Kenlake Marina      Total miles to date:  3120.40

Today was another fun day!  Even with rain and wind most of the night that made sleeping difficult, and weather similar this morning, we had a good day. It remained windy but at least the rain stopped.

Joyce used the time to do some cooking and prepared two dinners ahead that we will use this week.  Bill plotted our course for tomorrow’s trip to Pebble Isle, and he also did some reading.

Bob Duthie came over in the late afternoon to tour our boat. Then Linda and Tom arrived to visit.  They actually managed to play a round of golf today in spite of the weather this morning!  We all got together this evening for pizza and to watch the Cardinals game at the lodge.

We will leave at 0800 tomorrow and follow Bob and Mavis on Katy Leigh. Tom and Linda will drive back to their home in Farmington, MO. They left their boat, Raydiance, in winter storage in Muskegon, MI and will complete their loop next fall!