October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012  Day 157  Pebble Isle Marina  Total miles to date: 3174.40

Following Katy Leigh
out of Kenlake Marina
We left Kenlake Marina at 0800 as planned, following Bob and Mavis on Katy Leigh, and with Linda and Tom Ray waving goodbye to us from the shore.  We had a lovely, sunny, calm day to travel the 54 miles to Pebble Isle Marina in Tennessee.  There were very few boats on the water today!
Many pretty trees on
 the Tennessee River
We enjoyed watching the fall colors of the trees as they continue to increase each day. There were also many white pelicans swooping around the river today.

Remnants of an abandoned RR bridge

We arrived at the marina around 2:20 and went straight to the fuel dock. We were happy to find diesel fuel at $3.99/gallon!  Then we pulled into our slip on the face dock behind Grand Cru.  There are at least twelve Looper boats here today.  We helped Nancy and Rik with their lines on Nanseann when they arrived and then learned this was their first day on the Loop! We took a walk with Bob Duthie to the Johnsonville Civil War site. We wanted to tour the museum but after walking for almost two miles we learned that it had been moved to a new site farther away.  At least we got some exercise!    
An interesting sign
for the marina!
We all got together for docktails at 5:45 on the patio of the marina’s restaurant. The staff even brought out free appetizers for us!  Most of us stayed there for dinner and enjoyed continuing our visit. 

The owner, Randy has also promised us cinnamon buns and coffee tomorrow at 8:15. We have been well cared for here!  After out breakfast treat we will leave for Clinton, TN.