October 3, 2012

October 3, 2012  Day 145   Green Turtle Bay Total miles to date:  3084.33

This morning we took the rental car to Nashville, a two hour drive from Green Turtle Bay.  First we went to the downtown area to Gruhn Guitars, a well known and established store that sells vintage guitars, banjos, and mandolins. Bill only needed strings for his banjo, but it was fun to look at some of the instruments. Joyce spotted a 1994 Martin Guitar for $15,000.00.

Ashley and Nathan arrived today!
From there we drove to the airport to pick up our grandchildren, Ashley and Nathan. They flew from Killeen to Dallas to Nashville.  We were able to go directly to their gate and meet them.  We are so excited to have them here for a week!
Bill dropped us off at the boat and then returned the rental car to Paducah.  Joyce got the kids unpacked and had dinner in the oven while he was gone.  She also took Ashley and Nate over to feed the turtles. All we had to do was stand there and the turtles started popping up in the water. We think they are well fed!

Many of the Loopers were sitting in the Gazebo having docktails, so we briefly went over to say hello.  Seabatical is leaving tomorrow and we wanted to say goodbye to them. There was a whole new wave of Loopers who arrived today, including Seaquel, Jim’s Joy, Catmandu, and more!

Tomorrow we will take Ashley and Nathan out for a fun day at Patti's Settlement in Grand Rivers.