October 5, 2012

October 5, 2012  Day 147   Green Turtle Bay Total miles to date:  3084.33

Another fun day with our grandchildren.  Bill picked up the dinghy this morning after the repair was complete, and took us all for a dinghy ride for almost an hour. 
Out on our dinghy,
 A Little Carried Away
Putting the kids
to work!
Joyce had a hair appointment at 11:00 and when she returned she found the kids mopping the decks!  Fortunately they thought it was fun and not work, so Bill accomplished two goals by letting them swab the decks!  Each child also had control of a hose and we think some neighboring boats might have gotten wet also!

After lunch, Joyce took Ashley and Nathan to the indoor pool where they had more fun! On the way back we spotted Gold Looper, Jim Favors in the driveway with Kismet, his trailerable Ranger Tug and chatted for a while. Jim and Lisa pulled the boat around to a slip a little later. By then Loopers, Bama Belle, Attitude Changer, and Alacrity had also arrived.
Nathan in the pool
Ashley had fun
with the floats
We had a quick dinner on board then picked up one of the courtesy vans for the evening. We had tickets for the Badgett Playhouse to see “Smoke on the Mountain”.  It was a very funny gospel style musical/play and we all enjoyed it!

The weather is changing quickly. The rain began this afternoon and the temperature started dropping. We are in for a very chilly weekend!