October 7, 2012

October 6, 2012  Day 148   Green Turtle Bay         Total miles to date:  3092.33

We have now been at Green Turtle Bay for a week and the days are going by quickly. We decided to leave this morning and take the boat out into Kentucky Lake to find an anchorage for the night.  Ashley and Nathan have been with us since Wednesday but the boat has been at the dock the whole time! 

We found a nice area about 8 miles from GTB. There are many anchorages to choose from! We are not too far from a large campground so we took the dinghy ashore after lunch. The campground has 300 sites and they were all full!  We learned that the school age kids are on fall break!   We walked along the shore so Nate could pick up seashells, then we headed to a playground.  Bill learned from a local family that we were in LBL (Land between the Lakes) when we went ashore.
It started getting pretty cold so we came back after taking a short walk, had some hot tea and hot chocolate and just relaxed for a while. Then Bill cooked a steak on the grill for dinner.  After dinner we watched the Ohio State – Nebraska football game.  Go Bucks!  We will head back to the marina tomorrow!