October 7, 2012

October 7, 2012  Day 149     Green Turtle Bay       Total miles to date:  3100.33

Ashley at the helm
Eagle leaving the scene
While we were still at anchor, Bill noticed a bald eagle on the shore nearby enjoying his catch. It was interesting to watch the smaller black birds watching nearby but not daring to go too close.  After a while the eagle was done, and then six vultures swooped down to claim their share.
Leaving our anchorage
on Kentucky Lake
We got the boat ready to pull anchor. Nate and Bill did the honors of pulling the anchor while Joyce and Ashley took the helm and drove the boat out of the inlet.  Then Bill put Ashley in the Captain’s chair and taught her some basics of steering, the instrument panel, and then eventually the autopilot and AIS. She did a great job!  Nathan kept a sharp eye on the depth sounder!  We got back to the marina just before lunch and are grateful to Gay on Irish Attitude for helping us with our lines!!  We found that Loopers, Karma and Idyll Time had arrived while we were gone. Bob (Karma) came down to visit - we had not seen Karma since were in Canada. 

After lunch we got some things organized and did some laundry. Bill worked on his computer while Joyce and Ashley baked a cake. He also brought out harmonicas for the kids to play.  Joyce took the grandchildren for a walk down to the beach in late afternoon.  When they returned, Nathan and Joyce frosted the cake. Then it was time to fix spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. 
A frost warning is in the forecast for tonight so we will expect another cool day tomorrow. The colors are starting to turn and that is a good thing!