October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012  Day 150   Green Turtle Bay Total miles to date:  3100.33

Nate at the pilot house simulator
Ashley's turn
The mural wall on the river
Wow – another busy day with the grandchildren!  Joyce took them in a golf cart to several of the little shops in Grand Rivers this morning. Then after lunch we picked up a rental car in Paducah. We took them to the River Discovery Center, with interactive, hands-on exhibits that let them pilot boats through a simulator; learn about tow boats and their barges; learn how locks work; watch a rain table and learn about the flood in the 1930’s, and much more.  It was a well-designed informative center and we all enjoyed it. It is right across the street from the mural wall that depicts the river life here. 
We walked behind the mural wall to see the Ohio River (we passed this point on our boat about 10 days ago!). Nathan was surprised to find it so narrow!  We drove past the famous Quilt Museum but did not have time to stop.

We continued on to a restaurant for an early dinner.  When we got back to Green Turtle Bay we stopped briefly to talk with some of the Loopers who were having their docktails. It was very chilly out by then, so we did not stay long. We came back to the boat and planned tomorrow’s day of activities.
We are headed to the Land Between the Lakes to a Nature Center and more!