November 11, 2012

November 10, 2012    Day 183                             

Anchor at Alabama River Cut Off, Black Warrior-Tombigbee River, AL

Total miles to date:  3788.0

Early morning fog!
This was another day spent going down the river. Once again we encountered fog at the beginning but kept the radar on and had no problems. We passed several tows with their barges today – that just kept everything more interesting!  We were constantly amazed to see so many buoys out of place – and many almost on shore!  We traveled over 47 miles and chose the Alabama River Cut at mile marker 52.8 as our anchorage.  We are still traveling with Ross and Laura on The Zone and are rafted to them.

Always a friendly welcome wherever we go! 
We shared another good meal on board The Zone. We have enjoyed our travels down the Tombigbee River with them!  Tomorrow we will head over 60 miles to Mobile, which will mark the end of our travels on the river system.  We will go to Turner Marine and they will go to the nearby Dog River Marina.  Dinner will be at a restaurant!