November 9, 2012

November 9, 2012    Day 182                              

Anchor at Lock 1 Cut Off, Black Warrior-Tombigbee River, AL
Total miles to date:  3740.8

We continued our 45 mile journey south today after leaving our foggy anchorage at Bashi Creek at 7:20am.  But once we got out in the river, the fog was worse so we all waited until 8:00 to go any farther.

Entering the final lock with other Loopers
This egret hopped a ride on the gate
in the lock and rode down with us!
By 11:00 we arrived at Bobby’s Fish Camp, but did not stop. This is where some Loopers dock overnight, but we wanted to go farther today. We continued on to the Coffeeville Lock, our last lock on the river system!  It was our 138th lock on the Loop and we wrote our boat name on the bollard as we have seen other Looper names on earlier locks.  We will have only one or two more locks on the Loop – when we get near Virginia next spring.  We must admit, the locks on the rivers are so much easier because of the floating bollards!

Once we exited the lock we were still in the Black Warrior River but now in tidal water and salt water.  We started to see some “beach” or at least sandy areas along the river banks.
Our mark!
We entered Lock 1 Cut Off at mile marker 100 and anchored and rafted to The Zone again. We have a system going that works for us!  Catmandu and Lazy Dolphin pulled in behind us and rafted together also.  There are remains of an old lock here that add to the peaceful setting along with many shore birds that wade along the shallow edges.  Bill even took a dinghy ride to check out the area.

Catmandu and Lazy Dolphin rafted together
in the anchorage behind us
We grilled out with Ross and Laura and had a great dinner on board The Zone. 

We have two more long days to reach Mobile so we will get an early start again tomorrow!