November 17, 2012

November 17, 2012    Day 190                             

Anchor, Burnt Mill Creek, FL
Total miles to date:  4025.3

We left our anchorage near Niceville under a bright sunny sky at 8:20 this morning.  The wind was 15-20 mph and the sea was very choppy! We did see several dolphins again today but no pictures!

Soon, we could see the lovely resort town, Sandestin, to our starboard side although we were not close to the shoreline at that point.

Sandestin skyline
The "Grand Canyon" canal
We never get tired of the sunsets!
Just before noon, we entered the “Grand Canyon” section of the water which is more of a canal. It took two hours to get through it.  The canal is narrow and lined with trees, many of which are uprooted. Some have already fallen down the bank into the water.  We saw almost no wildlife – a few shorebirds, and only three boats!  Shortly after that we entered a wide section of the ICW again and could see Panama City on the horizon. We turned north to go an anchorage called Burnt Mill Creek at 3:00. At that point, we have traveled over 4000 miles on the trip!

We watched lots of college football after we arrived at our anchorage!  We will go to Bay Point Marina in Panama City tomorrow. We only have 21 miles so we will get there early and start preparing for our road trip to be with family for Thanksgiving.  The boat needs to be cleaned and we have to pack!