December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012    Day 224                             

Millers Marine, Apalachicola, FL

Total miles to date:  4110.3


After spending over four weeks at Bay Point Marina in Panama City, we finally departed shortly after 7:00am, along with Mike and Gay on Irish Attitude.  It did feel good to get back on the water!  The wave heights were much better than forecast. We had 2 ½ ft. waves for about 2 hours and the rest of our 8 hour day was calm.   We saw very few boats today.  We were happy as always to spot a few dolphins off our bow.  We thought we might spot an alligator today as we came through quite a bit of swampland – but that was not to be!


It was late afternoon when we arrived (we lost an hour as we entered the Eastern Time Zone again), so we did not venture into town.  Gay and Mike joined us for dinner on our boat and we had a lovely evening.


We will try and check out the little shops in Apalachicola tomorrow morning before venturing on to Carrabelle.  The marina is lending us their golf cart for transportation.