March 16, 2013

March 16, 2013 Day 309
At anchor, Walburg Creek
St. Catherine’s Island, GA
Total miles to date: 5189.6

Georgia Marshland
We traveled over 56 miles today through marshland and twisting rivers and creeks and wider sounds of water.  We found the names such as: New Tea Kettle Creek, Little Mud River, Front River, Doboy Sound, and Sapelo River to be quite interesting!  We actually like the Georgia scenery!
More marsh

The pelicans were hoping for their share of the catch!
For a Saturday we found very few other boaters out, which was surprising.  We did see several dolphins which are always delightful, if not elusive.  We had very good luck with the tide and current – well some of that is good planning on Bill’s part! 
You can see the winding river
in the dark shaded area on the chartplotter

A sharp turn coming up!
We went farther than originally planned but wanted to shorten the time for tomorrow or Monday.  We anchored in the quiet Walburg Creek off St. Catherine’s Island. There were two other boats anchored here when we arrived. 

We grilled steaks for dinner and then watched a movie. We will continue up the ICW through Georgia tomorrow to another anchorage.