March 17, 2013

March 17, 2013 Day 310
At anchor, Bull Creek
Bull Island, SC
Total miles to date: 5241.5

Today was another long travel day of seven hours, but we had the tide with us and traveled 52 miles.  We left Walburg Creek and traveled through rivers in the marsh again - this time with names such as Bear, Ogeechee, Vernon, Hell Gate, Skidaway, and Ossabaw. 

It wasn’t until we reached the Burnside River that we saw houses!  There is a lovely community along the river.  Shortly after that we crossed Moon River, made famous by singer Andy Williams.  We had no idea it was there!

Shoaling is frequent!
A typical view in Georgia today
One of many large homes on the Burnside River
By 1:00 we were passing the Isle of Hope Marina. At one time we had thought of stopping there and touring Savannah by car, but we have decided to skip Savannah this time and go there next fall.  (We have been there in previous years.)  The boating traffic started to pick up once we reached this point.  We continued on and eventually crossed the Savannah River (Savannah is about 8 miles up the river). 
Isle of Hope Marina

We passed Dafuskie Island and then entered Bull Creek and anchored by Bull Island.  It is hard to believe we are in South Carolina.

Shortly after dinner, the Coast Guard stopped by our boat and wanted to know if we had made or heard a Mayday call on the radio. Apparently they had heard a call but did not know the location.  Unfortunately we were of no help since we had turned the radio off when we arrived at 4:00.

We planned our trip (with calendar in hand) for the remainder of the way home to Virginia. Then we spent the evening watching a special on Phantom of the Opera on television.

We will go to Hilton Head tomorrow and stay at Shelter Cove Marina. Our daughter will visit us later this week for a few days and we will also visit friends Bill has known since childhood!  We had planned to stay there two weeks but we will cut that short and leave around March 27th.