June 15, 2013

June 15, 2013 Day 24  The Hudson River
The Hudson River Maritime Museum Dock
Kingston, NY

Eddy, Margie, Tom
Tony, Leslie, Mike, Bob, Bonnie, Stephanie
Today was a warm sunny day which was greatly appreciated.  Joyce went for a morning walk again with Margi and Rick.   We had a fairly relaxing day and spent some time just visiting with other boaters.

Margi, Melesia, Linda, Mike, and Gay
Joyce and Leslie
Our highlight of the day was our group potluck. 
Tom, Jim, Linda, Bill, Rick, and Hank
We had quite a delicious spread of food and had a fun evening with lots of stories and laughter.  We finally called it a night when it started to get dark.   This is our 6th night here in Kingston!