June 14, 2013

June 14, 2013 Day 23  The Hudson River
The Hudson River Maritime Museum Dock
Kingston, NY

We spent some time today talking with other boaters including some who are as far north as Albany.  The situation on the Erie Canal has worsened and it looks like we may be waiting here in Kingston for a while.  We are already booked here all weekend and probably much longer. 

Joyce spent the afternoon out with five other ladies.  One of them had a rental car so we spent a few hours shopping in stores such as Home Goods, Tuesday Morning, Marshalls, Pier One, and Kohls.  We all had a good time being off the boats and not having to hurry though the stores.

We went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner with Margi & Rick and Bonnie & Bob.  Tomorrow night all the Loopers are getting together for a potluck and we look forward to that also!