June 7, 2013

May 25-29, 2013 Days 4-6  The Chesapeake Bay
Our anchorages on the bay
Fords Cove on the Annemessex River
Little Choptank River
Hollywood Beach on the Elk River
We spent the next three days anchoring along the bay, traveling longer distances than usual.  Our 66 mile ride to Fords Cove on the Annemessex River was sunny and calm. We saw many dolphins today. 

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge on a cloudy day

Storm clouds forming while we anchored
From there we went 62 miles to the Little Choptank River and experienced waves from 2 to 3 feet.  Fortunately, it was calmer by midday, although we did have a thunderstorm while we were anchored!

Hollywood Beach on the Elk River
The next day was sunny and we traveled 81 miles to the Elk River to anchor in front of the small community of Hollywood Beach, where Bill spent all his summers.  His parents built a summer home here when he was four and sold it the year we were married.  We dinghied to shore and visited with some of the residents.  We were delighted to find some that Bill still knew!