July 17, 2013

July 16, 2013 Day 55  St. Lawrence River
At anchor
Near I’le de Grace, Quebec, Canada

Many houses lined both sides sides of the Richelieu River
as we left St. Ours
We departed St. Ours when we entered the lock with four other boats shortly after 9:00 and tied up to their floating dock. We wish all locks had floating docks!

A typical site in Sorel
We entered the Richelieu River and had a calm side toward Sorel. The river is lined with houses much of the way. We had to wait briefly for another cable ferry crossing. We arrived in Sorel at 11:00 and entered the St. Lawrence River. It is hard to miss with its industrial ports, grain elevators, and large ships.  This time we headed east so we are now in new territory for the first time on this cruise! (Last year we went west to go to Montreal.)
This Nature boat passed us while we were anchored
We soon anchored west of I’le de Grace, an inlet off the river accessed by passing many rental cottages.  We enjoyed a peaceful afternoon with a nice breeze.  Several people were fishing nearby in their smaller boats. Joyce spent much of the day resting to try and heal her sore back.  Bill changed the oil in the generator and did some reading. Sometimes it is just good to do nothing but enjoy the scenery!
There were lots of rental cottages on the inlet off the river

We cooked porkchops on the grill to go with our roasted potatoes and salad and had dinner on the sundeck. Tomorrow we will go to a marina in Trois Rivieres.